New Video Course:

Powerful Coaching Questions 

Creating Client Value Through Awesome Coaching Questions

You've been coaching a while with some good results. Good results, but not great. You want to take your coaching to the next level, but you can't seem to find the right... questions.

If you're struggling to ask truly powerful questions -- the kind that unlock new awareness and generate big-time results -- then you're in luck! Becoming a great asker of questions isn't as hard as you think.

Our new on-demand video course is designed to help powerful questions become second nature. You can improve the quality of your questions: We'll teach you how!

Your path to powerful questions is simple...

Enroll and get immediate and full access to the entire course (+ 4 great bonuses).

Work through the 5 sections (with 23 total videos) at your own pace.

See immediate and long-lasting results as you become a master of coaching questions. 


  • Great Questions for a Great Intake Session (PDF)
  • Questions for the Hourglass Model Infographic (PDF)
  • The Hourglass Model Demonstrated for Real (VIDEO)
  • Coaching Self-Evaluation Form (PDF)

Total Cost: $129


Here's what you'll learn...


Basic Rules

We do a lot of mentor coaching and 80% of all the feedback we provide for improving questions focuses on the basics. In this section, we make sure your fundamentals are at a high level of efficiency from the start!


Asking the Right Question at the Right Time 

What makes a question "the right one" is specific to that moment in time. This section will give you the tools to identify those questions and know when to ask them.


Quick Quality Improvements  

This is the section that will take so-so coaching and make it so much more. We'll share 4 simple yet highly effective techniques for boosting the impact and effectiveness of your questions.


Questions for Challenging Coaching Moments 

What do you do when faced with the dreaded "I don't know" statement from your client? In this section, we walk you through the most challenging moments so you're ready (and even eager!) for the challenge.


Master-Level Questioning  

You may not be an MCC yet, but that shouldn't stop you from asking questions like one. In this section, we teach you the four types of questions that demonstrate true coaching mastery.


What will I learn?

You will learn how to ask great questions that support client awareness and action. The course is designed to be practical and immediately applicable. 

How will I learn?

This course is taught via the Teachable platform -- the world's leading platform for on-demand training. You'll have access to over 20 video training modules as well as student notes and support documents.

Will I get a list of great questions?

No. While we will give you plenty of examples, our goal with this course goes far beyond providing you a list of questions. We want to help you become a coach who can form your own powerful questions in the moment of coaching. 

Does this count for ICF?

While you will learn plenty of ICF-aligned coaching skills, this on-demand course does not meet the ICF's requirements for training that can be counted toward certification or recertification. 

How long will I have access?

Once you enroll, you'll have ongoing access to the course. There's no time limit (or any kind of limit) on how often or how long you can continue to access the video sessions or any of the content. 

What if I don't like the course?

We think you're going to love the course and get a lot of help from it. But if you don't, no worries. You have 30 days to ask for a refund, no questions asked (see what we did right there?) 

Meet Your Instructors:

Chad Hall, MCC

Chad is the President of Coach Approach Ministries and has trained thousands of coaches over the course of his 15+ years coaching career. He's a pro at helping coaches become not just certified, but confident and capable.

Brian Miller, PCC

Brian is the Executive Director of Coach Approach Ministries. He specializes in coaching leaders and is the host of CAM's popular (and very helpful!) podcast. 


You're in luck! You can get instant access to all 5 Sections, plus the 4 Bonuses. 

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