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Next Cohorts starts September 2020

High Performance Leadership Program

Presented by StrongLead, LLC

An intense leadership development program that will transform role leaders into strong leaders.

"StrongLead has had a profound impact on me as a leader."

Dr. Aron Gabriel Superintendent of Newton-Conover Schools 




What Are Your Leadership Struggles?

  • You're not sure you have the leadership needed for future growth
  • You've promoted contributors into leadership roles 
  • Decisions and problems are flowing up to you and bogging you down
  • You're relying too much on natural talent 
  • Your best leaders are gettig burned out 
  • Experience is your only leadership growth strategy
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What's it mean to be a leader? 

Some leaders simply fill a role -- they carry the title of leader and they do "okay" when it comes to creating desired results. 

Meanwhile, others are strong leaders -- they are skilled and capable at bringing out the very best from those they lead. Strong leaders are confident, capable, and bring a sense of servanthood to their leadership.

Company growth creates stress on the leaders, and the stress is felt most painfully at the top. When you develop your role leaders into strong leaders, your company can grow without burning you out. 

The HPL program at a glance:

  • Limited to 22 participants so each person gets the benefit of a group setting without getting lost in the group
  • Monthly training sessions focused on key leadership principles and practices 
  • Monthly one-on-one coaching from seasoned executive coaches who help with immediate practical application
  • Learning alongside leadership peers from throughout the community
  • Holistic program designed to go deeper than behaviors to address identity, values, and balance
  • Accountability to help ensure new awareness gets translated into practical action

Fewer Headaches

Retain your best talent 

A Culture of Leadership

About StrongLead, LLC

StrongLead, LLC is a leadership consulting and coaching business headquartered in Hickory, NC. Founded in 2008, the vision of StrongLead is to grow and develop strong leaders in business and beyond. Why? Because when a leader is strong at work, he or she is also strong in the home, the community, and everywhere that matters. Strong leaders help create and nurture a strong community, which helps everybody flourish.

To learn more about StrongLead, visit our main website at

The training from StrongLead helps you discover your true identity and allows you to make a large scale impact beyond yourself and into your larger community.

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Program Deliverables

Identity | Clarity and confidence in who you are

Family | Recognize who surrounds and sustains you

Growth | Disciplines needed to lead at the next level

Power | Unlock and unleash intentional influence

Blessing | Have impact beyond you and your organization to benefit the community

How will your company benefit?

Transforming a role leader into a strong leader creates a cascade of positive results throughout the company and generates long-term wins, including:

  • Greater engagement and motivation
  • Improved retention
  • Less unhealthy conflict
  • Reduced stress on owners and top level leaders
  • Increased team performance
  • Expanded resiliency  
  • Greater innovation 


Each cohort is limited to 22 leaders

New Cohort begins in September of 2020

  • Tuesdays 8:00 - 11:00 AM
  • Location: TBD
  • Cost: $1495/person (or 3 payments of $525)

Have questions? Click below to email program director Tim Seeley to learn more and to discuss who in your company would most benefit from HPL program.

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