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High Performance Leadership Program

Next Cohorts starts September 15, 2021

An intense leadership development program that will transform key players into strong leaders.

Presented by StrongLead, LLC

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"StrongLead has had a profound impact on me as a leader."

— Dr. Aron Gabriel, Superintendent of Newton-Conover Schools

"The training from StrongLead helps you discover your true identity as a leader."

Marcus Houston, LEE Industries

"HPL was a wonderful learning and growing experience.  If you wish to become a more effective leader, then StrongLead's HPL is the way to go to the next level."

Karen Tonks, Time Genies

What does it mean to be a leader? 

Some leaders simply fill a role -- they carry the title of leader and they do "okay" when it comes to creating desired results. 

Meanwhile, others are strong leaders -- they are skilled and capable at bringing out the very best from those they lead. Strong leaders are confident, capable, and bring a sense of servanthood to their leadership.

Company growth creates stress on the leaders, and the stress is felt most painfully at the top. When you develop your role leaders into strong leaders, your company can grow without burning you out. 

What are your company's leadership struggles?

  • You're not sure your leadership bench is deep enough to support future growth
  • Decisions and problems are flowing up to you and bogging you down
  • You're relying too much on people's natural talent versus developing them
  • Your best leaders are getting burned out 
  • You've promoted key contributors into leadership roles, but experience is your only real strategy for growing your leaders 

The HPL program at a glance:

  • Limited to 22 participants so you benefit from a group setting without getting lost in the crowd
  • Monthly training sessions focused on proven leadership principles and practices 
  • Monthly one-on-one coaching sessions with a seasoned executive coach who help you make immediate practical application
  • Learning alongside leadership peers from throughout the community
  • Holistic program designed to go deeper than behaviors to address identity, values, and balance
  • Accountability to help ensure new awareness gets translated into practical action


Clarify and grow confident in who you are


Exercise the disciplines needed to lead at the next level


Recognize who surrounds and best sustains you


Unlock and unleash intentional influence


Have impact beyond you and your organization to benefit your family and community

How will your company benefit?

Transforming a key player into a strong leader creates a cascade of positive results throughout the company and generates long-term wins, including:




  • Greater engagement and motivation
  • Improved retention
  • Less unhealthy conflict
  • Reduced stress on owners and top level leaders
  • Increased team performance
  • Greater innovation
  • Expanded resiliency

The HPL program will level up your leadership.

The peope you work with will notice a difference in you as a leader and you'll be a better leader in all areas of life.

Cassia Dowdy, HR Director for Design Foundry

The HPL program is an investment that produces an astounding return.

You'll grow in confidence, you'll grow in effectiveness, and your team performance will grow as a result of your improved leadership.

Cameron Annas, CEO of Granite Insurance

I learned the core values that are specific to my purpose.

And even though I am not currently in a management position, I learned how I can be a leader in the role I'm in.

Danielle Clark, Vanguard Furniture

About StrongLead, LLC

StrongLead, LLC is a leadership consulting and coaching business located in Hickory, NC. Founded in 2008, the company has grown through the vision of its founder, Bruce Schronce. 

The vision of StrongLead is to grow and develop strong leaders in business and beyond. Why? Because when a leader is strong at work, he or she is also strong in the home, the community, and everywhere that matters. Strong leaders help create and nurture a strong community, which helps everybody flourish.

To learn more about StrongLead, visit our main website at

Program Leadership

Trainer and Group Coach: Chad Hall, MCC
Chad is an Executive Partner of StrongLead who has 20+ years experience working with leaders, including as a leadership coach for business intelligence company SAS. Chad is a Master Certified Coach and a graduate of Lenoir-Rhyne, Duke University, and Princeton Seminary. He earned his doctorate in the field of positive psychology.

Coach: Bruce Schronce
Bruce is the founder and CEO of StrongLead.  Bruce has worked with and developed leaders in North America, South America and Europe for over 25 years as a business executive, entrepreneur, speaker, mentor, training facilitator, spiritual leader and leadership coach.  He specializes in challenging leaders to a comprehensive approach of personal lifelong leadership development, organizational perspectives, committed engagement, team building and action planning that lead to definitive and deliberate steps of positive growth and significant impact. 

Coach: Ethan Schronce
Ethan is a trained leadership coach with a passion to assist others reach their full potential, both personally and professionally.  He has a strong love for building and growing relationships, and he has spent most of his career in client-centric roles focused on logistics, analytics and operations.  He’s a graduate of Liberty University. 

Coach: Chuck Myers
Chuck has spent much of the last 20 years coaching and mentoring emerging leaders in both the business and non-profit world. As a leadership coach, he has aided many in their endeavors to develop businesses, staff and key leaders to success in their perspective worlds. With a strong understanding of people and process he has invested in small business and corporate leadership alike, as they navigate challenging transitions and growth.. 


Each cohort is limited to 22 leaders

Next Cohort begins September 15, 2021

  • Wednesdays 8:30 - 11:30 AM
  • Third Wednesday/month through April 2022
  • Location: Lake Hickory Country Club
  • Cost: $2995/person (or 7 monthly payments of $475)
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