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Ready to change the world?


Learn the Basics

You'll get a handle on what coaching is and how to use it.

Grow the Skills

You'll start coaching immediately with people just like you.

Change the World

You'll have a proven skill set for creating positive change.

Your CCLC Training Path Includes: 

CAM 101: Introduction to Christian Coaching

This easy-to-follow e-course provides you the perfect on ramp for getting acquainted with coaching and the world of Christian coaching.

You'll learn all the basics of what coaching is and how it works and do so at your own pace in about 3 hours of training that includes videos, quizzes, and lots of growth.

Self-paced online course.

CAM 501: The Foundations of Christian Coaching

In this class you'll learn how coaching is distinct from other ways of helping, the skills of a coach, basic coaching models, and how to conduct a powerful coaching conversation.

This class is not just about knowledge, it's also about growing your skills -- this is why you'll get lots of practice as well as growth-oriented feedback.

16-hour class conducted in a live, online format.

CAM 502: Establishing a Dynamic Coaching Relationship

In this class you'll deepen your coaching skills while also learning how to get coaching clients, how to contract and set your rate, as well as how to get off to a strong start with each coaching client.

You'll coach others and get feedback on your coaching, including written feedback from a trained observer.

16-hour class conducted in a live, online format. 

GMC: Group Mentor Coaching

You learn to coach by coaching, being coached, and observing others coach -- and GMC has all three of these elements. 

You'll receive at least 7 hours of group mentor coaching with tons of feedback and instruction.

You'll also work one-on-one with mentor coaches for 3 hours.

10+ hours conducted live with highly trained mentor coaches. 

At Coach Approach Ministries (CAM), our curriculum was developed by pioneers in Christian coaching and is taught by ICF-credentialed coaches who also happen to be great instructors.

CCLC courses are approved by the ICF, the world's leading professional membership organization for coaches. ICF approval means you're getting first-class coach training that meets industry standards and is proven to get results.

You've seen coaching work, and you'd love to have that skill. We've trained over 3200 people like you over 15 years. 

You will finish our training with a skill set that will allow you to coach pretty much anyone on any topic: transition, leadership, career, faith formation, or whatever coaching niche you can imagine. 

As a CCLC, you'll gain the core coaching skills and models to help others flourish.

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Benefits of Becoming a CCLC


When you're trained and know you know how to coach, you're more motivated to seek out opportunities to coach and to be used by God to make a difference.

In the CCLC program, we help you balance a reliance on God's power and your own ability to facilitate positive change for those you coach.


Great coaching requires trust between the client and coach, and nothing signals to others that you are a real, trustworthy coach like a credential.

Earning the CCLC shows the world that you take yourself and your coaching seriously -- that you are trained and equipped to serve others well as a coach.


Leaders don't just run things, they influence change. As a coach, you'll be a powerful influence for change in the lives of those around you, whether you occupy a leadership position or not.

The CCLC prepares you to lead better and to coach other leaders.


You don't want to just call yourself a coach, you want to be good at coaching. 

The CCLC is a path that leads to competence - the ability to do something and do it well.

You'll finish the program with the ability to coach and to continue growing as a coach.


Need a Smaller Step?

Purchase CAM 101 Introduction to Coaching, a video based, work at your own pace, 2 hour pre-recorded training. Get a chance to meet our trainers, see their training style, and learn the basics of Christian Coaching.

If you later decide to purchase the CCLC package, we'll give you a coupon to reduce the price for the cost of CAM 101!

What Can You Expect?

Bottom line: you can expect the training and guidance you need to become an effective coach. 


You'll learn coaching you can use in any setting, from life coaching to executive coaching. 

Plus, our customizable approach allows you to create a training path that meets your needs and schedule. 


You don't want to dabble in coaching, you want to offer professional value.

You'll benefit from world-class instructors and a curriculum developed by pioneers in the industry who know how to coach at the highest level.


You will find that our approach to coaching is anchored in the Christian faith and the work of Jesus. 

We see coaching as a calling to join God in changing lives, and we want to see you succeed in doing so.


You are more than just a name or a number to us -- you're a friend. This is why we are so committed to your success as a coach. 

You'll have access to our team and get one-on-one mentor coaching as part of our training program.


When choosing a training program, you want one that is based on industry standards and is proven to offer world-class instruction. 

Our program is approved by the International Coach Federation, which assures you of quality.


Superb coach training should not cost an arm and a leg. The CCLC costs far less than comparable ICF-approved programs without sacrificing the quality of the program.

We strive to keep our costs low and our quality high.

Need to Talk to an Advisor?

This is a serious decision because your life is about to change when you receive a Certificate in Christian Leadership Coaching.

If you would like to talk to someone about any of the details, reach out to Danelle Miller, our Operations Director, who will oversee the details of your experience.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the training?

The training can be completed in 6 to 9 months.

What platform do you use?

We use the Zoom platform. It is also possible to connect via telephone if internet is not available.

Is there a live instructor?

Yes, the International Coach Federation requires the training to be live to count for their certification.

Will I see the other students in class?  

Yes, many of the students share their video, and we encourage a lot of interaction. You will get to know and like several other students in the class.

How close will this get me to ACC?  

ACC stands for Associate Certified Coach, and this is the first of three certifications offered by the International Coach Federation, which is the premiere credentialing organization for coaches in the world. The requirement for ACC is 60 hours of approved training, 10 hours of mentor coaching, and 100 hours of logged (75% paid) coaching experience. With the CCLC, you will receive 32 hours of approved training and 10 hours of mentor coaching. So, you will be a little over halfway there.

Do I have to buy the whole package up front?  

No, you can purchase everything separately. Here is a breakdown of the cost.

  • 101 $49
  • 501 $575
  • 502 $575
  • GMC $1300
  • CCLC application fee $75

Total: $2574

If you'd like to pay as you go, start by buying CAM 101 and then register for CAM 501 here.

What if I have to miss a class?  

We record each class and make the recording available. However if you miss more than one class, you will not receive a certificate for the class.

Do I have to be of the Christian faith to participate in this program?  

No. Most people in the classes will be Christian, but our students are kind and gracious people who don't expect everyone to believe exactly as they do.

What will I have to do to renew my CCLC?

Each year, CCLC holders will need to take a continuing education class from our 500 series, repeat our GMC, or participate in The Coaching Exchange. There is an annual $75 renewal fee. Once you have taken 6 or more CAM courses, you are exempt from the continuing ed requirement. 

What Our Coaches Say

“The CAM team provided great training with a personal touch. They not only equipped me to coach more effectively, but they also provided the support to help me overcome many of the challenges in my coaching ministry.”

- Scott Gress, PCC

"Our organization chose CAM to provide coach training to our team members and we have had no regrets. The CAM coaches and trainers not only know how to coach, they know how to teach others to coach. We continue to benefit from our relationship with CAM."

- Doug Foltz, Stadia

"Going through CAM for my CCLC certification helped me establish my coaching theory and skills on a Biblical foundation. The training I received through CAM has enabled me to not just learn about coaching, but to practice coaching in a safe, positive and dynamic environment. I especially benefited from the personalized feedback during the group mentor coaching. I feel confident in stepping out as a coach because of the training and encouragement I received through CAM."

- Bethany Bracht, Coach to Missionaries

"CAM has helped me transition from a leader who mostly tells and delivers to one who listens, asks, and has a far better impact as a result. The CAM guys have become more than coaching colleagues, they've become trusted friends."

- Luciano Del Monte, Navigators

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