Is your next level of coaching success just out of reach? If so, you're ready for a BreakThrough!

June 20-24 | Nashville, TN


Registration closes April 20th

Cost: $4350 (all inclusive) 

BreakThrough is NOT a conference. It is a hands-on, intense, fantastically fun experience limited to 20 coaches who want to take their coaching practice to new heights.

This is an all-inclusive experience: your registration fee covers the training and coaching PLUS... 

* lodging (we will reserve your suite for you) * meals (you'll feast like royalty), * activities, etc.

You get to the Nashville airport and everything from that point forward is covered. 

Are you in? 

Boost your coaching to the Pro level

Get the real scoop on what it takes to coach at the professional level. What kind of coaching do clients willingly pay for? You'll learn what distinguishes great coaching from merely okay coaching so you can set your coaching rate with confidence that your clients are getting a ton of value.

Clarify your coaching niche

Nobody buys coaching -- they buy results. But results are specific to need. At BreakThrough, you'll learn the characteristics of a great coaching niche and you'll do the real work of developing your own target market so you can reach out with value and avoid that feeling of "selling myself."

Create a workable plan for success

The best ideas in the world are useless unless you do something amazing with them. So why not turn those great ideas into a plan that leads to action, which in turn generates results. Yeah, we think that's a good idea, too.

As a coach, you want to earn income by providing top-quality coaching. But a flourishing coaching practice is not easy to come by. It's tough to know you're coaching at a professional level, where to find clients, and how to maintain momentum.  

At CAM, we want to help you break through the barriers preventing you from reaching your next level of coaching success.  

BreakThrough 2018 Leadership 

BreakThrough is a collaborative experience that taps into the wisdom of all attendees, but we also have some leaders who will coach, mentor, and train to help you find your next level of success as a coach.

Chad Hall, MCC

Co-Founder and President of Coach Approach Ministries 

Bill Copper, PCC

Co-Founder and Executive Director of Coach Approach Ministries

Brian Miller, ACC

Strategic Director of Coach Approach Ministries


Arrival Day: Wednesday

Get to Music City  

Catch your flight, gas up your ride, saddle up your horse, or do whatever it takes to make your way to Nashville. Safe travels! 


Our team will pick you up at the airport or meet you at the hotel. You can hang out by the pool, sip something cold at the hotel bar, or shoot billiards in the hotel lounge. 


We'll gather for our first meal at the hotel. It will be a low-key welcome for you and your newest coaching compatriots.

Evening Time 

Time for after-dinner conversation, collaboration, or good old fashion relaxation. Don't stay up too late -- you're going to need your energy on Thursday morning!

Day 1: Thursday


Enjoy the most important meal of the day in the hotel's full-service restaurant. 


A powerful session in which we wil cover the core business competencies for coaches. 


You'll have worked up an appetite, so refuel and get ready for a great afternoon.


4 on 1 Mastermind Sessions


Baseball! We'll take in a Nashville Sounds game from the luxury of a sky box. Snacks and dinner are part of the game. 

Evening Time  

Most people will be ready to hit the sack, but few night owls will want to keep the conversation going in the lobby.

Day 2: Friday


It might be time to try a made-to-order omelet and endless bacon. Or grapefruit -- whichever you prefer. 


2 on 1 Mastermind Sessions 


By now you will regret having opted for the grapefruit. Time for a sandwich!


2 on 1 Mastermind Sessions, cont.


A down home Southern supper like you've never experienced at the Loveless Cafe. Don't miss the banana pudding!

Evening Time

Time to relax, get some one-on-one coaching, or turn in early.

Day 3: Saturday


This is the day when it all comes together, so be sure to eat your Wheaties!


7 on 1 Mastermind Sessions 


You'll very likely want to multi-task -- some eating and some coaching!


1 on 1 Coaching


You've worked hard and set yourself up for success. Time to celebrate with a fantastic dinner at one of Nashville's landmark restaurants, Mere Bulles.

This is not just a class, and it's not just coaching. This is a well-developed approach to helping you do three things: 

  • Believe in yourself. After all, if you don't believe in your coaching, clients shouldn't hire you.
  • Commit to a target market. There is a pool of would-be clients out there who need you. We'll help you find that pool.
  • Develop a workable plan. The key word here is "workable." You will leave BreakThrough knowing the work it will take to get clients and achieve coaching success.

How will you get these results? To be honest, you'll work really, really hard for three days. 

To help draw out your hard work and your inner genius, you'll engage a series of learning, development, and coaching sessions: 

The Business of Coaching

In large group and breakout groups, you'll learn the core business competencies for coaches. This is real and practical.

Mastermind Coaching Sessions

This is coaching with a kick. You'll get your best ideas drawn out of you, plus you'll get insights and suggestions from your mastermind compadres. 

Trial, Error, Results, Repeat

You'll get lots of opportunity to test out your ideas, hunches and dreams with mentors and coaches who will help you sharpen your thinking and arrive at great results that really fit you.

More Than a Vision -- a Plan to Get There!

Every session, every mastermind, and every corner conversation is aimed at helping you get to real success.


We are hosting BreakThrough 2018 at the Hilton Suites in Brentwood, TN. NOTE: You do NOT need to make your hotel reservation -- we take care of that for you.

  • Address: 9000 Overlook Boulevard, Brentwood, TN 37027
  • Contact: Bill Copper 
  • Phone: (828) 381-5631
  • Email:

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